Our use of cookies

We use cookies. This means that the cookies collect information about you when you visit our website. A cookie consists of a text file containing information stored on the device with which you visit a website.

Lasting cookies
The first type of cookie is a file that is stored permanently on your device and is used to improve your user experience

Session cookies
The second type is the so-called session cookie, which is used to identify you when you visit a website. When you close your browser, this cookie disappears.

Third Party Cookies
Third-party cookies The third type of cookie is provided by a third party to perform network analysis and traffic measurement.

Furthermore, our cookies and their use are categorized as follows:

Necessary cookies
Cookies needed to be able to offer our basic services, e.g. to check if you can use JavaScript. Our services would not work without these cookies.

Analysis cookies
Cookies that provide us with comprehensive analytical information and statistics about the use of the website and the services we provide. These cookies are used for us to be able to analyze and streamline the website and our services.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies allow us to save settings, such as language selection. Without these types of cookies, we will not be able to adapt our services to your wishes. These cookies are very important because they are the basis for the normal operation of the services we provide and the basis for you as a user to have a good experience of our services.

Security cookies
Security cookies help us to detect fraud and protect your information, so that our services and your information are secure and reliable. As security is an important part of our services, these cookies are necessary.

Marketing cookies
This cookie is used for marketing purposes. Specifically, marketing cookies are used for our own marketing and personal ads and offers.

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