Hedin Parts

Since June 2022, Hedin Parts are part of the Hedin Mobility Group. Hedin Mobility Group is an importer and distributor of several automobile brands on the European market. The vehicles are distributed through both wholly owned retailers, Hedin Automotive and Hedin Bil, as well as external customers. Hedin Mobility Group also supports the after sales market by being a wholesaler of spare parts, wheels and tires.

This is what we do

Within Hedin Parts, we provide logistics services and offer third-party logistics, warehousing, transport and logistics, buffer warehouses and export, import and customs management with additional services such as administration including invoicing, return logistics, Transport Management, repackaging and co-packing.

We supply Saab Original spare and service parts to workshops, especially in Europe and North America. Through importers, distributors and wholesalers in all continents, we have a global reach. Within the business area there is workshop and manufacture of Saab Original, warehouse with 18,000 unique part numbers with Saab fit and technical support. We also offer the most common spare and service parts to another 45 car brands.

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We handle
2.5 million products
every month
In 1 hour we reach
2 million people
From our warehouse
We offer
In our current facility

Our aim is a sustainable value chain

The way we operate, whether its our business ethics, countering corruption, supporting human rights, or ensuring fair working conditions and sustainable resource use – it all matters. And as a global operator who works hand in hand with our partners and suppliers, we have the ability to influence every step in the value chain towards a more sustainable approach. But operating in the logistics sector does, undeniably, pose challenges in terms of sustainability, not least when it comes to transport emissions