Sweden’s oldest global logistics company

Hedin Parts and Logistics is a logistics company whose roots lie in the Swedish motor vehicle industry and Saab Automobile. Over time we have grown our logistics operations and today we handle third party logistics and drive expansive logistic park operations as a partner in Nyköpings Logistikpark AB.

We know logistics

We have been supplying Saab Original spare parts to workshops and Saab owners worldwide since 1947 – everything from sensitive, microminiature electronic components, to large engines and chassis components weighing hundreds of kilos. With 75 years’ experience of secure, reliable deliveries under our belts, we are now offering logistics services for the Nordic market from our facility at Arnö, outside Nyköping where, working in collaboration with our partner, Logistic Contractor, we are playing a key part in the development of the Nyköping Logistics Park.

We offer customised buildings and automation solutions within the Nyköping Logistics Park. Geographically, our location is ideal, with over 2 million people within 60 minutes of our facilities. Find out more about our logistics services and the Nyköping Logistics Park by clicking on Logistics in the main menu.