Orio has been wholly owned by the Swedish state since 2012. The head office is located in Nyköping together with a logistics and distribution center. The company also has offices in Trollhättan and operations with its own sales offices via wholly owned subsidiaries in North America, UK, Germany and Switzerland.

This constitutes a deviation from the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, which specifies that at least two Board members shall be independent from the company’s owners. The reason for the deviation is that this guideline primarily applies to listed companies with spread ownership.

According to the articles of association, the company’s Board of Directors shall, to the extent it is appointed by the AGM, consist of at least five and at most eight members without deputy. In addition to the Board members appointed by the AGM, the Board also consists of two employee representatives. These are appointed by the trade unions represented in the company.

Board Members

  • Charlotte Hansson

    Chairman of the board since: 2017
    Board member: 2013-2017
    Born: 1962
    Title: Self employed. Scandinavian Insight Consulting AB
    Other board assignments: Chairman of the Board at Link Top Holding A/S, Board member at Momentum Group AB, DistIT AB, Probi AB, Green Cargo AB, and STENA Trade & Industry AB.
    Education: Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. Business and Economics at DIHM.

  • Dan Samuelsson

    Board member since: 2018
    Born: 1972
    Title: Representative for Unionen
    Education: Senior High School, Independent course Lean Production at LTU, Internal Leadership Training.

  • Catrina Ingelstam

    Board member since: 2016
    Born: 1961
    Title: Self employed, Creatme AB
    Other board assignments: Chairman of the Board at Sjätte AP-fonden, board member at Sparbanken Sjuhärad AB and at KPA Pensionsförsäkring AB and deputy member of the board at Spiltan Fonder AB.
    Education: Economic’s Bachelor in Business Administration.

  • Benny Thögersen

    Board member since: 2021
    Born: 1966
    Titel: CEO/Founder Corelog AB
    Other board assignments: NetOnNet
    Education: B.A. Sports pedagogy

  • Sophie Öhrström

    Board member since: 2019
    Born: 1981
    Titel: Executive Vice President Global Logistics
    Other board assignments: –
    Education: M.Sc. Supply Chain Linköping University

  • Nils Pärletun

    Board member since: 2019
    Born: 1971
    Titel: Sales Director Jungheinrich Svenska AB
    Other board assignments: –
    Education: Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering 1997, Lunds Tekniska Högskola

  • Peter Blomqvist

    Board member since: 2021
    Born: 1962
    Titel: Office Council Ministry of Enterprise And Innovation
    Other board assignments: Board member of Lernia AB and Specialfastigheter Sverige Aktiebolag
    Education: M.Sc. in Business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics