Orio has been wholly owned by the Swedish state since 2012. The head office is located in Nyköping together with a logistics and distribution center. The company also has offices in Trollhättan and operations with its own sales offices via wholly owned subsidiaries in North America, UK, Germany and Switzerland.

The Board ensures that the remuneration follows the guidelines resolved by the Annual General Meeting. Before a decision is made on remuneration and other terms of employment for a senior executive, a written document shall be produced showing the total cost for the company. The proposal shall be prepared by the Board’s remuneration committee for subsequent approval by the Board.

The company’s auditors shall review that the approved remunerations and other terms of employment are not exceeded and, in accordance with the Swedish Companies Act, every year at the latest three weeks before the Annual General Meeting, confirm in writing that the approved guidelines have been complied with.

These guidelines apply to Orio with subsidiaries, and are approved by the Annual General Meeting for each subsidiary of the Group.

The Board may deviate from these guidelines if there are special reasons thereto. In this case, the Board shall report the special reasons for such deviation at the Annual General Meeting.