Orio has been wholly owned by the Swedish state since 2012. The head office is located in Nyköping together with a logistics and distribution center. The company also has offices in Trollhättan and operations with its own sales offices via wholly owned subsidiaries in North America, UK, Germany and Switzerland.

The company’s Annual General Meeting is normally held during March – April. The notice is published on the company’s website, in the Official Swedish Gazette (PoIT) and in a national newspaper, four to six weeks before the AGM.

The notice specifies the agenda to be discussed at the AGM, the complete proposals for resolution, and information on how and when requests to attend the AGM shall be submitted.

The company’s first Annual General Meeting under state ownership took place on 22nd March 2013. The AGM approved the Board’s proposal on a total dividend of SEK 50,000,000 to the Owner. A new Board was also appointed and new articles of association were approved, containing amongst other items regulations on the composition of the Board, that the Chairman of the Board shall be appointed by the AGM, and the forms for the notice and the right of attendance at the AGM. Finally, in accordance with state ownership policy, guidelines were approved on remuneration to senior executives.

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