We offer third party logistics

We are Sweden’s premier supplier within global industry logistics, with secure deliveries.

We tailor each offer

We offer third-party logistics, warehouse management, transport and logistics, buffer warehouses and export, import and customs management with additional services such as administration including invoicing, return logistics, Transport Management, repackaging and co-packing.

Facts about our facility on Arnö, outside Nyköping:

  • Capacity 34,000 order lines/day
  • 53,000 sqm
  • Packages from 1 gr to 20,000 kg
  • From automation solutions to deadline applications on open spaces
Översikt över Orio Logistics logistikcenter

Nyköping Logistics Park – tailor your entire facility

We are now also offering customised buildings and automation solutions within the Nyköping Logistics Park. Geographically, our location is ideal, with over 2 million people within 60 minutes of our facilities. Here we offer newly produced, environmentally certified premises, from 10,000 up to 220,000 sqm for logistics and industry establishments.

We handle
2.5 million products
every month
In 1 hour we reach
2 million people
From our warehouse
We offer
In our current facility