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We are the exclusive supplier of Saab Original parts. Whether you have a small, independent workshop or a large specialist one – you and your business can rely on Hedin Parts and Logistics.

Exclusive supplier of Saab Original parts

The safest way you can access Saab Original spare parts and service kits is through us. There are just over 800,000 Saab cars on the road worldwide right now, with about 200,000 of them in Sweden. And thanks to our catalogue of Saab Original spare parts, these quality vehicles have a good many miles in them yet!

Our engineers are constantly reviewing our range and working hand in hand with the manufacturers of Saab Original spare parts. Our warehouses in Sweden, Germany, the UK, and the USA house just over 18,000 unique article numbers specifically designed for Saabs – and are constantly being reviewed to ensure you get the parts you need, as quickly as possible.

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The right parts, in the right place, at the right time

For over 7 decades now, we have served the motor vehicle sector worldwide, providing spare parts and service kits, instructions and manuals. We know logistics and work in partnership with market-leading importers, distributors, and wholesalers in every corner of the world. Our services also include promotional materials and technical support whenever you need it.

When Hedin Parts and Logistics is your partner, you have precisely the flexibility and service level your workshop and your customers need. We know the business and we understand your business. Contact us today.

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