Products and services

Carefully selected, premium products and workshop services to give you what you need – from servicing and troubleshooting to advanced repair.

Simplifying your workshop’s day-to-day work

We offer a wide range of service kits and spare parts for maintenance and repair, compiled using our in-depth industry experience. All of the products are carefully selected – the only products you’ll find at Orio are premium ones. Our e-commerce solution is user-friendly and smooth. It’s easy to find the product you’re looking for in our catalogues, using the vehicle’s registration or chassis number.

And if you need to talk to someone, simply give our skilled and experienced Customer Support colleagues a call.

We also have instruction sets and manuals, showing you how to service, repair, troubleshoot, and install. We have the technical support you need, when you need it.

So what do your workshop and your customers need? We have a variety of concepts and can tailor-make a solution that suits you

Partnering with Hedin Parts and Logistics

We prefer to talk about our customers as our partners. That’s how we see the relationship. Our industry experience stretches back just over 70 years and we understand your business. As our partner, you’ll get precisely the products and services you and your customers are looking for. No more and no less.

We’re passionate about Saabs. We know the service schedules for every model like the backs of our hands, and we know the very best way to carry out the most complicated repairs.

We share an interest with you in maintaining and repairing Saab cars. Which is a good basis on which to build a partnership. So how can we work together to develop your business? Contact us today and tell us about your workshop and what you need.