We want to make a difference – and we can

Hedin Parts and Logistics is a responsible business partner, social stakeholder, and employer. We believe that competitiveness and sustainability go hand in hand, and that sustainability generates commitment and pride within the organisation.

Our aim is a sustainable value chain

The way we operate, whether its our business ethics, countering corruption, supporting human rights, or ensuring fair working conditions and sustainable resource use – it all matters. And as a global operator who works hand in hand with our partners and suppliers, we have the ability to influence every step in the value chain towards a more sustainable approach. But operating in the logistics sector does, undeniably, pose challenges in terms of sustainability, not least when it comes to transport emissions

Stakeholder dialogue

Hedin Parts and Logistics’ sustainability work is all based on our materiality analysis. The analysis has been produced in collaboration with our stakeholders and has given us both knowledge and an understanding of the areas in which our influence potential is greatest. Our identification of these areas, and our systematic and long-term approach, enable us to protect both our reputation and our brand.

The UN’s global sustainability goals

We structure and report our sustainability work in line with the UN’s global sustainable development goals. We have identified 5 of the 17 global sustainable development goals as being of relevance to our operations and as areas with which we can work:

  • good health and well-being
  • gender equality
  • decent work and economic growth
  • responsible consumption and production
  • climate action

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